Consider some reasons for selecting Renovation as an alternative to New Construction:

  • Updating a building allows you to remain in your ‘ideal’ location.
  • Remodeling before a sale can increase your property value.
  • ‘Going Green’ in an existing location protects the environment.
  • Renovations are often less expensive.

At Haglage Construction, you won’t experience a rushed, ‘beat-the-clock’ mentality when remodeling your commercial property. While we appreciate the excitement of taking your ideas for an existing space and bringing them to reality, we provide careful attention to detail that consistently exceeds expectations.

With its finger on the pulse of the industrial construction market, Haglage Construction can help you settle on the best solution for your property needs. We understand that in these uncertain economic times, it may not be fiscally prudent to undertake the construction of a new building. However, that does not mean relegation to a dated or unsafe business location. With the wide variety of resources at our disposal, HCI can direct your property conversion with ease – both on time and on budget.