The foundation of Haglage Construction (HCI) is our capacity to build structures that enhance your business. But while our sights are always set on the completed project, our focus is on the process. That focus is an advantage of working with Haglage where we believe that the process of building should be as satisfying as the completed project. And we take steps to ensure that small problems don’t become major issues.

A team approach keeps our focus sharp. Each project has its own team consisting of our project manager and superintendent as well as the selected architect. But the essential member of every project team is the Owner, who plays a decisive role.

Here is a sampling of the kinds of details you can expect when you trust your project to Haglage Construction:

  • Projects that start and end on schedule
  • Quality-control built into every phase
  • A full-time supervisor on every job
  • Open communication with all HCI principals

Keeping the job running smoothly requires effective management and careful attention to details. At Haglage Construction we recognize that controlling even the smallest aspects of the project ensures a seamless result. HCI puts in place – on every job – a series of steps that make a difference.

  • Site meetings: Regular meetings with progress reports keep the project team on the same page so that no detail is overlooked.
  • Scheduling: Ongoing reviews of work items keep the building on time and on target. Success lies in carefully coordinating all subcontractors and checking delivery and installation dates.
  • A tidy work site: We believe that a work site that’s organized and clean reflects efficiency and shows that the project is under control.


  • Job safety is fundamental on an HCI project.
  • Haglage Construction is a company educated in – and adhering to – OSHA requirements.
  • All employees attend 10-hour Occupational Safety and Health Training courses.
  • HCI requires all subcontractors to adhere to OSHA regulations.
  • Daily monitoring of the job site identifies and prevents potential hazards.


  • Many building tasks are performed by Haglage Construction personnel, such as demolition, excavation, concrete, framing and drywall. But on many jobs there is the need to secure independent skilled, reliable trades people. In order to control the overall quality of the work done on your project, Haglage Construction carefully screens and pre-qualifies subcontractors in each trade. Such scrutiny ensures a group of proven trades people who adhere to the same high standards as HCI.

Q. Do inspections play a part in the building process?
A. Yes, we comply on every project with the required public official inspections at various stages of construction. We also welcome periodic inspections by the architect’s representative. Testing of in-place building materials such as soil, concrete and structural steel is our normal procedure.

Q. How do the finish building materials get selected?
A. All decisions regarding building finish materials, as well as many other decisions, are made in a collaborative approach of the HCI team and the Owner’s team.