At Haglage Construction, we coordinate all aspects of the design of your project. Starting with our initial face-to-face meetings we grow to understand your business and the role the completed project will play in your company’s efficiency, productivity, even its image.

We select architects and engineers whose skills are a match for your specific project. The result? You can count on a specialist with the depth of experience to craft the ideal design for your project. Our comprehensive list of design professionals translates to a scheduling advantage, too, since we have access to a group of well-qualified design specialists.

Q. Wouldn’t my project be better served if I used a company with on-staff architects and engineers?

A. Because projects are not all alike, it makes practical sense to use an architect or engineer with a breadth of experience specific to your project. Although a staff architect or engineer is in all likelihood well-qualified, it is probable that he or she is a generalist. Through our experience in the design/build industry, we know the most-qualified professionals and we carefully match the best specialist to your job.

Q. Can I play a part in the selection of the architect and engineer?
A. Most definitely. We recommend various ones depending on the project scope. We assist in obtaining specific proposals, and also participate in the evaluation. There’s always room at the table for your input because you play the pivotal role in your project.

Q. Who handles the permit process?
A. The project manager assigned to your job coordinates the effort and gets it done. This requires input from the civil engineers for the site design and the architect for the building design. We are on a first-name basis with many of the public administrators in the various permit offices, which helps to streamline the process.